Coaches: Don’t Get Caught Having Sex With an Underage Girl in a Small Town – Richard A. Neff

The details of this story are not unusual, nor would they surprise regular readers: a middle school basketball coach accused of having sex with a female student, 14. According to police, the inappropriate relationship has been going on for at least a year and half since the kid turned 13. As bad as that is, you have to read the comments from the locals in Monroe, Michigan where this story takes place. First, a few particulars from the Monroe News (for context) and then some of the best comments:

A Dundee Middle School basketball coach charged criminally with having a long-term sexual relationship with a student that allegedly began when she was 13 has posted bond and was freed from jail.  Richard A. Neff, 47, of 275 Emerald Circle, Dundee was formally charged Tuesday with two counts of criminal sexual conduct-first degree and one count each of criminal sexual conduct-second degree and accosting a child for immoral purposes.  Shackled and wearing a striped jail uniform, Mr. Neff on Tuesday afternoon stood before First District Judge Mark S. Braunlich to face accusations that he carried on the illegal relationship with the girl, who is now 14, for the last 1½ years. “He wanted to marry this child and run away with the victim,” Amara Hunter, a Monroe County assistant prosecutor, told Judge Braunlich during the arraignment. “I don’t know if there are any other young ladies he sexually assaulted.”

From the story comments:

Janie Wolford
I wonder what is so exciting about a 13 year old child except she is a virgin…what is wrong with a man that is married, has teenagers himself to screw around with a little girl…why would any man want to have sex with a child??? I know its the million dollar question. I do have the million dollar answer, “stop filling our prisons with these perverts, kill them they aren’t worth anything, and stop blaming their own childhood for the sick stuff they do to innocent children. Cut his privates off, stick them in his mouth and sew his lips shut.

Amanda Martin
He should be castrated!!!

Jeff Abbott
he should have his dick cut off

Tristan Wuebben
How could you feel bad for him? He is an adult. Give him 3 life sentences.

SOURCE: Coach faces charges of sex with teen girl –

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