Ooh La La! French Soccer Players in Trouble Over Sex With Underage Prostitute

Just when you think there’s no way anyone could look like a bigger jerk then Ben Roethlisberger, comes the story of three top players for the French national soccer team (involved in the upcoming World Cup) accused of having sex with an underage prostitute.

Less than two months before the start of the World Cup in South Africa, the French national soccer team, its on-field reputation in decline, is dealing with a sex scandal involving several players and under-age prostitutes.  Outrage has been building over the last week, with reports that at least three key players were questioned during a police investigation into a high-end prostitution ring. Now there is concern that the players will not be named to the World Cup team, which will be announced next month.

Three French players — Franck Ribéry, 27; Sidney Govou, 30; and Karim Benzema, 22 — are accused of soliciting sex from an under-age prostitute; none of them have been charged with a crime. The scandal revolves around the testimony of Zahia Dehar, 18, who was a minor when she said she had a relationship with two of the players.

Dehar told the police that though she had told the players she was 18 when she met them, she was 16 when she had intercourse with Benzema and 17 when she met Ribéry, with whom she says she had a relationship. Govou’s role in the investigation is unclear, but Dehar said she was 18 when he approached her. Although prostitution is legal in France, soliciting it is not, and clients risk a penalty of up to $60,300 and three years in jail for employing an under-age prostitute.

SOURCE: Players’ Sex Scandal Could Follow France to World Cup – NYTimes.com

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