High School Lacrosse Players Suspended After Posting Boozing Pictures on Facebook

According to Ward Melville High School (NY) senior Emma “Ms. Obvious 2010″ Bloch, “everyone in high school drinks.” Maybe, but not everyone is dumb enough to post pictures of their underage boozing activity on Facebook for the world to see, especially if it’s pretty much the entire lacrosse team.  That, even in an era where everyone is drunk every day at school, will get you suspended from the team. Not because you were drinking, but because you were stupid enough to post those pics online. We expect the drinking, but you kids these days with your video games, cellular phones and sexting should really know better. Claims one senior Teddy “The Valedictorian” Ouwerkerk: “I guess Facebook isn’t the most private after all.”

No, really?

Fifteen high school lacrosse players learned the hard way to be careful what you display on Facebook.
The players from Ward Melville High School posted photos of a night of drinking, classmates said. Ward Melville school district officials apparently saw those photos and promptly suspended the fifteen players for today’s home game against Smithtown. “It’s not the biggest deal,” said Ward Melville senior Emma Bloch. “Everyone in high school drinks. They just shouldn’t have put it out there.”

The drinking incident happened April 16 at a private home, school district officials said in a written statement. But the statement did not specify what happened, whether it was heavy drinking, hazing or something else.  “Maybe it’s not the smartest move to have put the photos up,” said senior Teddy Ouwerkerk. “I guess Facebook isn’t the most private after all.”

SOURCE: Facebook Photos Spell Trouble for Teen Lacrosse Players | NBC New York

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