Argument Over Slow Player Results in Busted Golf Club, Arrested Golfer

Some golfers like to play fast, while others take their time and savor every . . . last . . . second . . . on . . . the–WOULD YOU JUST HIT THE FREAKING BALL ALREADY!  That’s what happens when a fast player gets behind a slow player. What doesn’t usually happen is the fast player freaks out and wildly swings a golf club at the head of the slow player. And yes, citizen lawyer Brian R. Smith, even if you don’t actually make contact with the guy’s head, they can still arrest you.

A flap on the links left a golf club broken, a Stuart man “in fear of his life” and an alleged club wielder behind bars, according to a recently released Martin County Sheriff’s Office report.  The 33-year-old victim told investigators at the Summerfield Golf Club on April 14 he was playing golf with Brian R. Smith, 45, of Hobe Sound. Smith, the victim said, “became upset with him because he was not playing fast enough.”

They argued and Smith was “getting in his face” and yelling, the victim told deputies. The victim, a Stuart resident, sat on the golf cart and said Smith swung a golf club at him, bashing the cart and breaking the club “right next to his head.”  “He said he felt the debris spray him in the face,” the report states. “The victim said he got off the golf cart and he walked back to the club house because he was in fear of his life.” Meanwhile, Smith said he swung the club and hit the golf cart, saying he didn’t think there was anything criminal about the incident because he didn’t injure the victim.

SOURCE: Teed off golfer arrested, jailed |

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