Gag: Tiger’s Mistress #1, Rachel Uchitel Pitching Reality TV Show About Her Quest for Love – TMZ

Have we really come to this? Watching the mistress of a sports icon go on dates because she can’t find love after Tiger dumped her? (I just spit-up a little in my mouth reading that on TMZ. That happens a lot, I should probably stop eating.)

Would you really watch something like that, or are you just hoping she’d go straight to releasing a sex tape?

There’s a story out there that Tiger Woods’ Mistress #1 — Rachel Uchitel — is hitting a Vegas dance studio so she can be on the next installment of “Dancing with the Stars” … but TMZ has learned Rachel has become far more entrepreneurial and is pitching her very own reality show.

Sources tell TMZ Rachel, along with two producers and an agent, have gone to 4 different cable networks, pitching a show called “Romancing Rachel.” We’re told the premise is that Rachel has a hard time meeting guys, given what’s been going on with her. The pitch — watch Rachel try to find true love … with single guys.

We’re told Rachel was in L.A. earlier this month and pitched the show — along with her producing entourage — to E!, VH1, Oxygen and Lifetime. We’re told Lifetime and E! have passed, but VH1 and Oxygen are still in play.

SOURCE: Romancing Rachel Uchitel – Coming to TV |

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