More Middle School Sports Hazing: Soccer & Baseball Teams Being Investigated

Hazings Category LogoFrom our “Do You Know Where You Middle Schooler’s Index Finger Was Today?” Files comes a story out of North Carolina about yet another hazing incident by jocks that aren’t even old enough to drive yet. And these are just the kids getting caught. As a parent, try and imagine what ISN’T being reported on at your school. But, oh yeah, hazing doesn’t happen at your kid’s school, right? Right?

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is investigating possible hazing at East Middle School in Biscoe. Sheriff Jeff Jordan said the alleged incidents involve players on the school’s soccer and baseball teams. He said it appears eighth grade boys targeted sixth and seventh graders as part of an initiation ritual, which happened in the locker room when adults were not present. “We’re talking about holding down students and sexually suggestive things being done to them. No skin on skin,” said Jordan. “It’s contact, but it’s contact through the clothes.”

After speaking with a School Resource Officer Friday, Sheriff Jordan said he assigned a detective to go to the school and investigate what was going on with the boys soccer and baseball teams. The Sheriff said on Friday afternoon, a parent called saying her son told her about sexual misconduct. The school is fully cooperating with the sheriff’s office.

SOURCE: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Possible Hazing At A Middle School | Triad, NC | Most Popular Story

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