NFL: Roethlisberger Violated NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy, Now on Double Secret Probation

According to Dean Wormer–we mean Commissioner Goodell–the Steelers star QB is no longer allowed to have fun of any kind. We now fully expect something awesome to happen during Pittsburgh’s homecoming parade this year.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says Ben Roethlisberger has violated the NFL’s personal conduct policy but would not confirm reports on when he will announce discipline for the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, he said on the syndicated “Dan Patrick Show” on Monday.  Asked by Patrick whether there has been a violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy, Goodell replied, “Yes, there has been a violation of that.”

“The issue here is with respect to a pattern of behavior and bad judgments,” Goodell said on Patrick’s radio program. “You do not have to be convicted or even charged of a crime to be able to demonstrate that you’ve violated a personal conduct policy, and reflect poorly not only on themselves, but all of their teammates, every NFL player in the league and everyone associated with the NFL. And that is what my concern is, and I have expressed that directly to Ben, obviously, and I will be making a decision as soon as I possibly can.”

SOURCE: Roger Goodell says Ben Roethlisberger violated conduct policy; sources say conditional suspension likely – ESPN

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