Landowner Fires Two Warnings Shots at Golfers Who Came on Property

Be careful if you play golf in southern Alberta, Canada: a ball hit out of bounds could mean a couple of shotgun blasts fired over your head! That is, if you’re stupid enough to ignore the obvious “Do Not Enter,”  “No Trespassing,” and “We’ll Shoot Your Ass if You Come Over Here, You Stupid Golfer!” signs.

Two golfers looking for their ball at a southern Alberta course instead found themselves face-to-face Thursday afternoon with a gun-toting man.  The male golfers in their 30s or 40s were near the seventh tee at the golf course in Picture Butte, southeast of Calgary, when the ball went into an adjoining field.  One golfer went to look for the ball and was confronted by the owner of the property.

“I guess it’s been an ongoing issue between the golf course and the people using the golf course and the landowners with respect to people going onto their land without permission,” said Cpl. Bryan Mucha.  The landowner had a shotgun and fired two or possibly three shots as a warning to stay off his land, Mucha said. “They were not fired directly at the two golfers, they were up into the air, so nobody was hurt.”

The golfers left and called police, who arrested the landowner without incident. Mucha said the golfers went over a fence that had several signs on it that say “Do Not Enter” and “No Trespassing.”

The Canadian Press: Golfers looking for ball at Alberta course find gun-toting man instead

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