Middle School Kid Investigated Over "Renting" Naked Pictures of Classmates

Another young Donald Trump taking advantage of the digital age: this kid put naked pictures of his middle-school classmates on his iPod Touch and then “rented” the devise to some of his classmates. No overhead, no shipping costs . . . just that pesky chance of getting caught and thrown in juvie.

A Bethesda middle school student allegedly rented his iPod Touch to classmates who clicked through images of female classmates and other girls in various states of undress, according to Montgomery County police who are investigating the sexting at Pyle Middle School.  Last week, Pyle officials caught one of the students who paid to use the iPod and shut down the operation, Cpl. Daniel Friz said Friday. Since then, the iPod’s owner has been identified, Friz said, and police are trying to determine how a middle school boy came to amass such a large collection of provocative images.

Montgomery police began investigating Thursday and are trying to determine whether any crimes were committed, Friz said. It is also unclear how much money changed hands, he said.

Montgomery police are investigating how middle school sexting photos were obtained

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