Woman Arrested for Scamming Rays Fans Looking for Parking Spaces

Have you ever gone to a big time sporting event and tried to find “unofficial” parking near the venue? Ever wondered about those people with signs in their yards offering you to park there for ten or twenty dollars? Well, it turns out that every once and a while they might not actually own the property and if you park there your car might not be there when you get back. Let’s just hope the cops catch up to them as quickly as the ones in Tampa did with these two.

Police say they have arrested two women for defrauding people who parked their cars in a vacant lot for the Rays home opener, only to find after the game that their vehicles had been towed.  Opening Day was Maggie Hendricks’ first ever Rays game, and after a thrilling finish, her night was far from over. She was one of several fans who had their cars towed away.

“It was appalling to think that people would take advantage of other people like that,” Hendricks said. Investigators say Sylvia Washington and Joyce Roberts of St. Petersburg were arrested Thursday and face felony charges of scheming to defraud. Police say both admitted to tricking fans into parking in a private lot a few blocks from Tropicana Field for a mere $10.

The duo, police say, hid the no parking signs on the property, took the cash, and walked away. By the time fans like Hendricks returned, their cars had been towed or were being towed.

Women charged in baseball parking scheme – link includes video clip

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