Little League Coach Faces Charges for F-Bombs and Brawls

To all the friends I made this week at Pubcon in Dallas: this is exactly what we were talking about last night. This is a typical BadJocks story: adults acting like children around children. This time it involved some Little League coaches who started fighting after one team pulled a trick play that angered the opposing coaches. Another coach in the same league for dropping some F-bombs on a parent during a game. Funny, the original article doesn’t say who won the games . . .

Little League Baseball officials were expected to decide Wednesday night whether to discipline a coach accused of using the F-word during a game.  This latest incident is unrelated to two other coaches charged with disorderly conduct after an on-field brawl last month, but it marks the third arrest of a Texas City Little League coach since March 27.

Jeremy Brian Delgado, 33, was released on $170 bond, stemming from his April 8 arrest on a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge during a game at Godard Park, Texas City police and a Municipal Court official said Wednesday.  Two other coaches were arrested March 27 at the same youth baseball fields and fined after a disagreement about a trick play led to on-field fisticuffs, police said. Both coaches were suspended, a board member said.

3rd Texas City Little League coach faces charges

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