Columnist: News Outlets Owe Jerry Jones an Apology

Say what? We’re not going to defend the guy’s at (they don’t need our help anyways) but we seem to have the argument here about what “real journalism” is or isn’t.  The real question is: is this news? Your thoughts below kids.

For those waiting for an NFL suspension of Jerry Jones or an apology from the Cowboys owner … don’t hold your breath.  If anything, I think the “mainstream” news outlets, including The Dallas Morning News, that ran the video of Jones caught on a camera phone in a bar criticizing Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow, owe Jones an apology.

It once was much easier to determine the journalism world from the entertainment gossip scene. The distinction between investigation and titillation got blurred a long time ago.  But prominent news organizations have clearly-defined rules and source policies when it comes to reporters breaking news. How do those get tossed aside when Deadspin or other popular Web sites that don’t even pretend to care about journalistic integrity manufacture “news” on someone else’s camera phones?

I understand the argument that what Jones said was of public interest. He ripped his ex-coach, suggesting that a primary reason for his hiring of Parcells was to get the new stadium funded. He criticized Tebow (although plenty of NFL scouts question Tebow’s NFL pedigree, and Jones mostly said Tebow had no place in Dallas).

Some news outlets owe Jerry Jones an apology | Dallas Cowboys News | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News

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