HS Lacrosse Coach Resigns After Alleged Mistreatment of Players Following Loss

Westboro High School lost 14-1 last week and, according to reports, after the loss, some of the players blamed their goalkeeper for the mess. So, what’s a coach to do? Of course, put them all in the net after the game and take shots at them until they make a save. That’s right there in John Wooden’s book on coaching, isn’t it? Well, apparently some Westboro parents haven’t read that book and think that the actions of coach Frank “Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?” Arena were out of line–bordering on hazing–and wanted the second year coach gone.

The controversial Westboro High coach, who parents claim physically abused some of his players after a blowout loss last week, has resigned.  Boys’ lacrosse coach Frank Arena, 25, was suspended indefinitely last week after allegedly mistreating nine players after Tuesday’s 14-1 loss at Nashoba Regional in Bolton. Mr. Arena’s suspension was handed down after parents complained that the second-year coach was wrong to put nine players in net while he took shots at them.  According to the parents, the players were wearing their regular lacrosse pads — not goalie equipment, including full chest protection — and weren’t allowed to leave the goal until they made a save.

According to one parent, the nine players were put in goal by the coach because they partially blamed their team’s goaltender for the lopsided loss to Nashoba.  Parents who reported the incident to school administrators called it a form of hazing and physical abuse.

Westboro lacrosse coach resigns

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