HS Cheerleaders Suspended for Putting Urine in Soda as "Joke"

Of course, humor is subjective (and we know that better than anyone) but kids these days seem to have a special way of making each other laugh. Here’s one example: Cheerleaders at Saginaw High School in Texas urinated into a beverage cup (soda?) at a basketball game last winter and then let some of their teammates drink from it, explaining the unusual taste as being the result of “tart candy” being added to it.

Ha, ha, ha. Funny. Had someone done that to a complete strangers drink–say at a fast food restaurant–that would be tampering with a consumer product, a felony.

They got away with it until last month when someone opened their big mouth and told some other students about the prank, and word eventually got to school officials. The real joke here? While most were suspended from extra-curricular activities this spring, they will be able to be cheerleaders next fall.

You thoughts on the humor of this prank in the comments section below.

District officials said at least two girls got in-school suspensions and others lesser punishments, but they would not specify how many students were involved. The girls will not be allowed to participate in cheerleading events through the end of the school year but will be allowed to participate next school year.  A parent whose daughter drank the urine-tainted beverage said those involved should be permanently removed from the team.  “They shouldn’t be allowed to represent Saginaw,” said the father, who did not want to be identified to protect his daughter’s identity.

The incident occurred during a basketball game last winter, the parent said. He said at least one cheerleader urinated into a cup and then mixed the urine into drinks bought at a nearby restaurant. Other cheerleaders encouraged her to give the tainted drinks to teammates at the game, the parent said.  When the girls drinking the sodas noticed an unusual taste, they were told that it was from a tart candy mixed into the drink, he said.

“The girls said they were just joking around,” the father said. “It’s not a good joke to me.”

Saginaw High cheerleaders punished over urine-tainted drinks | Schools | News from Fort …

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