Soccer Player Arrested for Tackling Referee

What a great way to celebrate Easter! A friendly neighborhood soccer game that is briefly interrupted by a naughty player being red-carded and then the game is ended 20 minutes early. Oh, we forgot to mention that on his way off the field, one Charles Haynes, 31, decided to top off the holiday fun by tackling and injuring the referee. Just add in some Easter eggs and you have a perfect holiday memory for the kids, don’t you?

Charles Haynes was taken into custody Sunday at his home where police say fled after the assault and booked on suspicion of felony battery and battery of a sports official, Canizales said. Haynes posted bail and is due back in court next month.

In incident was reported about 6:10 p.m. at Patricia H. Birdsall Sports Park at the intersection of Deer Hollow Way and Pechanga Parkway. Investigators said Haynes had been “red-carded” during a game between two teams and ejected from the contest, Canizales said. The ongoing dispute between both teams resulted in the sports official, Gaston Manrique, 50, ending the game with 20 minutes left in regulation, Canizales said.

Manrique was tackled by Haynes on the game field while he was recording the final score and the official injured his back as a result of the attack, Canizales said. Manrique was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for an examination for possible spinal injuries.

Police: Man kicked out of Temecula soccer game arrested after attacking referee

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