Newly Married Pakistani Cricket Star in Trouble Over Previous "Phone Marriage"

Don’t you just hate it when you get married to a hot lady tennis player, only to remember later that you were once married over the telephone to a woman you never met, but suspected was ugly? That kind of thing happens so often, we hardly even report it anymore here at BadJocks.

INDIAN police today seized Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik’s passport while he was quizzed at the home of his fiancee, tennis player Sania Mirza, over claims he is already married.  Preparations for the sporting stars’ cross-border wedding have been marred by allegations that Malik married an Indian woman Ayesha Siddiqui “by telephone” in 2002.

Mirza and Malik’s marriage plans have already generated huge public interest across Pakistan and India, two countries normally locked in fierce rivalry. Now Siddiqui’s claims have created a scandal. “It is a preliminary investigation. The Siddiqui family have lodged a complaint and police are verifying the facts,” Indhra Pradesh state police chief R.R. Girish Kumar said. “His passport has been seized by police.”

In an interview with The Times of India, Malik said he began a telephone relationship with Siddiqui in 2001 after she sent him photographs.  He and his family repeatedly attempted to meet Siddiqui as he wanted to marry her but she always refused, he said.  Malik admitted to the newspaper that in 2002 that he signed a “nikahnama” (wedding agreement) “thinking the girl I was marrying was the one in the photographs.”

But “the girl who was accepting the proposal was someone else,” he said, without giving further details.  In a bizarre twist, Malik claimed he had spent time with Ayesha Siddiqui’s “elder sister” who told him that Ayesha would not meet him as she had put on weight. Malik said he now believes the “sister” was actually Ayesha herself.

Cricket star rocked by marriage scandal |

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