Judge to Charles Rogers: Put Down the Bong and Get Out Your Checkbook

How much does a joint cost? If you’re former Michigan State and Detroit Lions star Charles “High Times” Rogers, it could run over six MILLION dollars after a judge ordered him to repay two thirds of his original $9.1 million signing bonus following his suspension for substance abuse almost five years ago.

Hope it was some good sh*t, man!

A judge says former Detroit Lions receiver Charles Rogers must repay $6.1 million to the team. Rogers was suspended for substance abuse in 2005 and was released by the Lions the next year. The team has been trying to recoup two-thirds of his $9.1 million signing bonus.  U.S. District Judge Julian Abele Cook said Monday the money must be repaid. An NFL arbitrator made the same conclusion in 2008.

Judge orders former Detroit Lions’ Charles Rogers to repay $6.1 million – ESPN

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