Soccer Fans Riot, Throw Stadium Seats at Each Other

As much as week hate soccer, we LOVE soccer fans, especially European soccer fans who never learned how to lose gracefully. We wonder sometimes if they even pay attention to the games.

Eight supporters were arrested during disturbances at the South Wales derby in the Cardiff City Stadium yesterday.  Police in riot gear held back hundreds of Cardiff and Swansea fans as seats were ripped up and thrown at rivals after the final whistle was blown. Police dog handlers joined hundreds of officers in the stands as coins and other missiles were hurled.  Four supporters – two from Cardiff and two from Swansea – were arrested for alleged public order offences.   Another Bluebirds fan had also been arrested after storming the pitch following Michael Chopra’s equaliser in the first half. And two Swans supporters were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage after toilets in the visitors’ end were vandalised.

WalesOnline – News – Wales News – Eight arrested in Cardiff City derby clashes

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