Woman Accused of Embezzling $76,000 From Youth Soccer League

Once again, an adult has ripped off a youth sports program and our only question is: Where the heck did they come up with $76 grand to steal? Maybe too many parents spending money to get other people to pay attention to their kids?

The treasurer of a youth soccer organization in Snohomish County has been arrested in connection with the theft of approximately $76,000 from the soccer club over a three-year period, according to Lynnwood police. The Lynnwood woman, who was working for the Brier-Terrace Soccer Club, was arrested and released March 23rd, the day after the club’s president reported the theft to police.  The woman has been cooperating with investigators, police said.

Local News | Lynnwood woman arrested in theft of $76,000 from youth soccer club | Seattle Times Newspaper

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