Oregon DOJ Investigating $2.3 Million Payout to Former AD Mike Bellotti

Kids: forget going to school to become a doctor or lawyer. They make chump change compared to University of Oregon athletic directors. Actually, the base salary isn’t that great ($675 grand), but when you quit after less than a year on the job (sweet!) you can rake in a cool $2.3 million as you jump to a high paying job at a cable sports network.  It’s one of those win-win situations, don’t you think? And it’s not like the State of Oregon is hurting for money, right?

Anyone know if UO has posted Belotti’s old job yet? I might just throw my hat into the ring. Besides who knows more about college athletes getting in trouble than me? And I would promise to work an entire year before quitting and taking my $2.3 million. Deal?

The Oregon Department of Justice is reviewing the resignation agreement between Mike Bellotti and the University of Oregon, a handshake-based deal that calls for $2.3 million in payments to the former Oregon athletic director.   The agreement was first reported by the Eugene Register-Guard on March 19, the day Bellotti announced he was leaving to take a job at ESPN. Oregon president Richard Lariviere signed it that day; Bellotti had signed it March 16.

Bellotti, who was to be paid $675,000 annually, did not have a written contract during the nine months he spent as athletic director. The departure agreement apparently also was unwritten until shortly before Bellotti resigned.  “A lot of issues, that among them, have been raised in the media,” said spokesman Tony Green of the Oregon Department of Justice. “At this point the attorney general doesn’t have any firsthand information about it, so that’s the purpose of the review.”

Department of Justice reviewing University of Oregon’s deal to pay Mike Bellotti $2.3 million | OregonLive.com

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