Miami Heat’s Dorell Wright Apologizes for Nude Web Photo

Pro athletes and nude photos. They’re getting as common as, well, pro athletes and steroids . . . and almost as much fun. This time it’s another NBA athlete, forward Dorell “Excuse Me While I Whip This Out” Wright of the Miami Heat.

Heat forward Dorell Wright apologized Monday after a naked picture of him surfaced recently on various websites and Twitter accounts. The picture, featuring frontal nudity, was taken during a private video chat session a year ago.  According to the site, a groupie posted the picture after Wright’s girlfriend — who is the mother of his child — commented about how great Wright is.

“I’d like to apologize to my family, friends and the Heat organization for this embarrassment,” Wright said in a statement. “The photos were taken roughly one year ago in what I thought was a private conversation. I lacked judgment and was naïve about the Internet. I realize this is not an excuse but it is something I truly regret. I realize this affects my entire family and I’m embarrassed by it.”

Miami Heat’s Dorell Wright apologizes after nude photo appears on web – Miami Heat –

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