Country Singer Mindy McCready Claims Roger Clemens Had “A Lot of Problems with Erectile Dysfunction"

Well, so much for being known as “The Rocket.” Apparently even a hot, blond, barely legal country singer (no, not Taylor Swift) wasn’t even to get him, uh “ready to take the field” if you know what we mean. All of this comes out in a sex tape entitled “Baseball Mistress” starring Mindy McCready who goes on to talk in depth about her relationship with the former baseball star.

No we haven’t seen the video, but you’ve gotta trust a lady who’s last big hit was a stint on Dr. Drew’s “Celebrity Rehab” reality show.

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton became famous after their sex tapes were released. Now Pop Tarts has learned exclusively that Vivid Entertainment, the company that released Kardashian’s video, is releasing a sex tape starring controversial country crooner Mindy McCready and a former boyfriend named “Peter.”  A source close to the situation said that McCready and her ex engage in explicit sex in the XXX video. But that’s not all.

The star of Dr. Drew’s VH1 series “Celebrity Rehab” also kisses and tells in the film, titled “Baseball Mistress” due to her alleged affair with married pitcher Roger Clemens. In fact the video is interspersed with graphic details of several raunchy romps with a slew of stars.

On one of the interview portions, McCready says that she and Clemens didn’t get intimate until she was of legal age, and describes the MLB star as being “good” in bed, despite having “a lot of problems” with erectile dysfunction.  She also insisted that she isn’t a “bad girl,” saying the wildest place they ever got down and dirty was a hot tub in Palm Springs. – EXCLUSIVE: New Mindy McCready Sex Tape Includes Interview About Roger Clemens

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