Jesse James "Other Woman" Michelle "Bombshell" McGee Was HS Cheerleader

We a knew we’d eventually find a way to drag this whole mess between Sandra Bullock and Jesse James back to BadJocks. According to several of Michelle McGee’s friends from North High School she was not only an honor student, she was a cheerleader.

I know, I know. It’s hard to recognize the girl without her freaky forehead and ambiguous “WP” tattoos. But this is Michelle McGee in 1996, when she was a senior at North High School in Ohio. She was not only an honor student back then—she was also a cheerleader. “Everybody here is in a total state of shock that the Michelle McGee we knew is like a totally different person to the one we are reading about and seeing photographs of today,” said a friend who knew her back when

Michelle McGee Was A Cheerleader | The Frisky

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