Angry Italian Soccer Fans Attack Own Team With Beer Bottles, Eggs

If there’s anything worse then getting attacked by opposing fans, it’s getting attacked by your OWN FANS who are more than a little ticked that you’ve been stinking up the place lately. We’re not saying it’s a good idea, just that we can sort of understand . . . about as much as we can understand anyone being a passionate soccer fan of any kind.  At least they expect to get their money’s worth.

At least the beer bottles were empty when they threw them.

Angry Juventus supporters screamed abuse and pelted their under-performing idols with beer bottles and eggs on Sunday as worrying outbreaks of violence scarred Italian football. Juventus’ Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo, left, reacts after scoring a goal during their Serie A soccer match against Atalanta at the Olympic Stadium in Turin, Italy, Sunday, March 28, 2010. The Juventus team were confronted by crowds of fans ahead of their Serie A home clash against Atalanta as they left their team hotel to board a bus to take them to Turin’s Stadio Olimpico.

Three players in particular were targeted – Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro, French full-back Jonathan Zebina and Brazil midfielder Felipe Melo.  Zebina was shown on TV to have been punched on the neck by a fan.  He later claimed there were racial overtones to the abuse he suffered.  Zebina has had a running feud with Juventus fans since flashing his middle finger at a group of supporters after being sent-off against Fulham last week in the team’s dispiriting Europa League exit.

Angry Juventus fans attack own team with bottles, eggs – Times LIVE

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