Chiropractor for Washington Capitals Arrested in Steroid Probe

Okay, so Richard “Andy” (Andy?) Thomas wasn’t officially a member of the staff for either the Washington Capitals of the NHL or the Nationals of MLB, but the fact that he treated members of both teams on a regular basis and more than $200,000 worth of steroids in his home does NOT look good, does it?

When investigators from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida raided the Lakeland home of Richard “Andy” Thomas last year and found $200,000 worth of steroids, the former bodybuilder bragged that he supplied performance-enhancing drugs to members of the Washington Capitals and Washington Nationals.

The investigators apparently believe there was something to Thomas’ boasts: Polk County deputies traveled to the Washington Capitals training facility in Arlington, Va., on Tuesday to question hockey players about their relationship with Douglas Owen Nagel, a D.C.-area chiropractor with ties to Thomas.

Nagel, who has an office near the Caps’ facility and has treated several members of the NHL team, was arrested in Reston, Va. on Tuesday and charged with seven counts related to anabolic steroid distribution.

Washington Capitals questioned after D.C.-area chiropractor arrested in steroid distribution probe

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