No Punishment for Jazz Coach After He Bumps Referee During Game

Apparently it’s open season on referees in the NBA.

If you didn’t stay up late to see the Utah Jazz get run by Phoenix last Friday night, you would have missed the most interesting part of the game. With 0.2 seconds remaining in the game, Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan shoved referee Michael Smith. Sloan was quickly ejected from the game and Sunday, word came down from the league, that Sloan would not face any disciplinary action for his bumping of the official.

Here’s how the incident transpired.  While in a video review, Smith and Sloan argued a call along the sidelines, Smith apparently got too close to the Jazz coach, which prompted Sloan to push the official away with his forearm, the end result was an automatic ejection for the Jazz coach. “I guess everybody’s a judge and jury in this situation,” Sloan told reporters prior to Saturday’s home game with New Orleans. The league could have suspended or fined the long-time coach for the minor altercation but left it alone.

Jerry Sloan Escapes Punishment For Shoving Ref | Bleacher Report

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