Calcavecchia: Tiger Woods Changed Phone Number Five Times Last Year

How did Tiger Woods manage to keep his secret double life hidden from fellow golfers and–probably more importantly–his wife? According to PGA buddy Mark Calcavecchia, Woods changed his phone number at least five times last year.

As it turns out, Tiger Woods wasn’t asking his alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs to do anything he wouldn’t do when he asked her to tweak her cell phone.  “I didn’t really think about it, but in the course of last year he changed his number five times,” says Tiger’s one-time texting buddy Mark Calcavecchia. “The last time he did, I said, ‘Man, you change phone numbers more than I change underwear.'”

Like many others, Calc is a huge Tiger fan. The two have played practice rounds together before majors and other tournaments, and the 49-year-old veteran took special care to zing Tiger when he had, say, sweated through his shirt but neglected to change it before a TV interview.  “It was always something silly,” Calcavecchia says. “But I sent him a couple of texts right after all this stuff started and obviously he didn’t get back to me. I’m sure one of these days out of nowhere he’ll text me and say, ‘This is my new number.'”

Mark Calcavecchia says Tiger Woods changed his cell number five times last year – Press Tent

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