Female Basketball Coach, 19, Accused of Relationship With 8th Grade Girl

Kinda young to be a coach, isn’t she? Then again, it is only a seventh-grade girl’s basketball team. The good news: even if she gets the full 10 years in prison for this crime, she will only be 29 when she gets out.
A seventh-grade girl’s basketball coach was arrested Friday, accused of having a relationship with a 13-year-old girl.  Cassandra L. Shaffer, 19, of Albany, was preliminarily charged with child molesting, child solicitation and child seduction after police said she had inappropriate sexual contact with an eighth-grade girl over the course of a month.

Monroe Central School Corporation Superintendent Shane Robbins said Shaffer was a lay coach, or an instructor not on the regular staff, at the Monroe Central Junior-Senior High School in Parker City.

Police: Coach Had Relationship With 13-Year-Old – Indiana News Story – WRTV Indianapolis

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