Another Basketball Player Suspended from Carmel High School After Hazing Incident

Growing up in Indiana, everyone (it seems) knew of Carmel High School in wealthy suburb north of Indianapolis. It’s a powerhouse in many sports and considered one of the top public schools in the state. Apparently though, being one of the elite does not mean your kids are prone to a little hazing now and then. According to reports, a fourth senior on the team has been kicked off the squad over a hazing incident. The most telling part of the story from the Indianapolis Star? The quote from a student (dare we say victim?) who told school officials that “there were ongoing issues that were occurring in the locker rooms at Carmel High School.” Details are skimpy about what exactly happened, but cops say there could be charges, including some for criminal deviate sexual conduct.

Are these suspensions the end or just the beginning?

A hazing scandal that has rocked Carmel High School continued to spread Friday, with a fourth senior basketball player kicked off the team.

The student was removed from the team as a result of the continuing police investigation into a Jan. 22 incident in which two freshmen allegedly were assaulted by seniors during a bus ride. It was unclear whether the fourth student’s suspension resulted from that incident.  Three other seniors were kicked off the team because of the incident, leaving just one senior player to be introduced Friday night at Carmel’s final regular-season game against Brebeuf Jesuit, which Carmel won 59-43. Police and school officials would provide no details about what led to the fourth student’s suspension.

The revelation followed news Thursday that a 17-year-old said students had assaulted him Jan. 8 in a locker room. A police report obtained by WTHR (Channel 13), The Indianapolis Star’s news-gathering partner, said the student who reported the incident told authorities “there were ongoing issues that were occurring in the locker rooms at Carmel High School.”

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