BadJocks First: Synchronized Diver Arrested for Stealing Alcopops From Convenience Store

It’s not often that swimmers and divers make our pages here at BadJocks. Even less frequent are the gals and guys who make their fame doing so in synchronized competition. You know, where two or more contestants try to duplicate each other’s moves? In this case we have a British diver named Blake Aldridge who, apparently while already intoxicated, tried to make off with some wine and . . . alcopops? For those not familiar with alcopops, let us just say two words: wine coolers.

In the end, the diver, Blake Aldridge was caught by a security guard, but not before he punched the rent-a-cop in the nose. Stealing wine coolers AND punching a mall cop? Nice.

For your enjoyment, below we have the video of the 1984 SNL skit about male synchronized swimming featuring Harry Shearer and Martin Short.

. . . Olympic diver Blake Aldridge was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting and attacking a supermarket security guard. The synchronised diver, whose partner in the 2008 Games was the 15-year-old current world champion Tom Daley, is alleged to have punched a security guard after being caught stealing several bottles of wine and alcopops worth £13 from Tesco.

Police were called to a disturbance outside a store in Beckenham in the early hours of Friday when a member of staff was allegedly punched in the face after apparently confronting the drunken athlete. Witnesses told police that Aldridge appeared to be wide-eyed and unsteady on his feet when he entered the 24-hour store with a friend around 2.30am.

The pair allegedly went to the self-service counter but neither paid for the alcohol and later they allegedly walked out of the store with two bottles of red wine and some alcopops stashed in a carrier bag. When challenged by a security guard outside, Aldridge is alleged to have become abusive and punched him in the face, leaving the victim with a bloody nose. During the scuffle, his unnamed friend is said to have escaped before security guards could catch him.

Aldridge was subsequently arrested on suspicion of shoplifting and actual bodily harm. Officers were examining CCTV footage of the pair’s movements throughout the store after Aldridge claimed he thought his friend had bought the alcohol, although he said he was drunk at the time.

Olympic diver Blake Aldridge arrested for ‘shoplifting and attacking supermarket security guard’ | Mail Online

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