Hot Women of Curling Calendar 2010 – Fire and Ice

For some reason, we are seeing lots of media reports about how popular the Olympic sport of curling–actually WOMEN’S CURLING–is this time in Vancouver. (US Women Beat Great Britain for Second Win in a Row!)

Could it be less about the sport and more about the good looks of the contestants? The other thing that might be helping is the recent creation of what’s known as the “Fire and Ice” Calendar, a fundraiser for women’s curling that features some of the more attractive participants wearing little or nothing. We first profiled “Fire and Ice” back in 2005 when they were just getting started, having a hard time finding these hotties and even a harder time getting sales off the ground. (It also probably doesn’t hurt that some of the contestants are wearing those ultra-tight Lycra curling uniforms that appear to, uh, cut down on wind resistance.)
Things seem to be looking up for both the calendar and the sport of women’s curling. You can still get your 2010 calendar (cover shot at right) here. (We think the retail price is still $16.95 plus shipping.)
You can also view some stills from the calendar at photographer Ana Arce’s website. But be warned, when you click on the link for Calendars, some of the images can be Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Then again, that’s probably what you were looking for to begin with, wasn’t it?