Parent Accused of Punching Youth Basketball League Official After Game

Thanks dad! Once again, adults are ruining youth sports. This time, a father of a sixth grader accused the ref and coaches of cheating during a game and afterward punched a league official who tried to calm things down.
An upset parent punched a youth basketball commissioner at a boys basketball game in Burnsville, according to police.  Police said Robin Johnson, 48, was upset about the referee’s time keeping and after the sixth graders game, accused the ref and couches of cheating.  According to the authorities, Johnson then hit the Burnsville Athletic Club Commissoner, Jeff Shand, in the head and face, knocking him unconscious.  Burnsville Police Sergeant Jeff Behnken said Johnson was arrested for fifth degree misdemeanor assault and interfering with an emergency call. – Parent arrested for throwing punch at kids ball game

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