WADA: 30 Olympic Athletes Too Dope for Competition

Professional leagues in the US catch, what, 2 or 3 guys a year doping? And the World Anti-Doping Association nabs 30 before the Winter Olympics even start?

Hmm. Strange, very strange. On with the games, even if they are slightly less interesting with the druggies out of the running for medals.

More than 30 athletes have been prevented from competing at the Olympic Winter Games for a variety of anti-doping violations, but their names, nationalities and the sports they compete in have not yet been released by their countries’ anti-doping authorities.  United States Olympic Committee spokesman Bob Condron said no American athletes were among the 30-plus cases. The USOC would have been informed if any Team USA members were going to be prevented from entering Canada, he said.

The athletes were subjected to pre-Olympics testing in the weeks and months leading up to the Games. Pending cases were reported to the World Anti-Doping Agency, which passed them on to the International Olympic Committee. Violations could include positive tests for banned substances or failure to comply with the whereabouts system, in which athletes must make themselves available for at least an hour a day to facilitate unannounced tests.

More than 30 athletes barred from Vancouver Olympics after failed tests – ESPN

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