Two HS Basketball Coaches Accused of Sex With Female Players on Road Trip

We frequently see a single coach at a high school accused of sex with an underage student. Sometimes you see several coaches or teachers–from the same school–arrested over a period of months or years on similar charges. But we can’t remember the last time we had two coaches from the same school, the same team, accused at the same time of hooking up with some of their players.  The head coach of the girl’s basketball team at Lake Park-Audubon high school in Minnesota, Andrew P. Schwan, and his assistant Darrin Myhre were placed on leave last Friday and resigned this week as the result of accusations that they had inappropriate relations with some members of their time while the squad while was staying at a hotel for a tournament in December.
Two coaches of a girls’ high school basketball team in northwestern Minnesota have resigned their athletic and teaching positions as St. Cloud police investigate two players’ serious allegations that are tied to a hotel stay during an overnight trip the team took late last year.

Andrew P. Schwan, head coach at Lake Park-Audubon, and assistant Darrin Myhre, were placed on administrative leave Friday, as soon as the complaints were made, District Superintendent Dale Hogie said Thursday. Early this week, the two “resigned their employment with the district,” Hogie said.  Those resignations include their duties as teachers. Schwan, 32, taught social studies, and Myhre, 28, taught business.

“It was statements of two players provided to me on Friday” that led to Schwan and Myhre being placed on leave, Hogie said. “We take allegations seriously. The employees were placed on paid administrative leave the same day pending an investigation into the matter.”

While Hogie said privacy concerns limit what he can reveal, the superintendent did say the allegations have to do with the team’s overnight stay at a hotel while it was in Upsala on Dec. 28-29, about 35 miles northwest of St. Cloud.

Lake Park-Audubon coaches resign after allegations by players |

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