Mascot Madness: Upset Soccer Fan Attacks "Wife" of Mascot

If there is any worse job is sports than a small town sports mascot, it’s being the WIFE of a small town sports mascot. In addition to walking around in that giant head at games, trying to get drunken soccer fans to cheer for the home team, after wards you have to go home and cook dinner for all the little mascots and all those giant mascot pets. So, when some teenager punches you in the head, it’s not going to make your day.

At right, the only known picture of Bettie Brewer we were able to find, and we are unable to tell if this is before or after the assault.

A 15-year-old boy was arrested after a Football League’s club mascot was assaulted.  Bettie Brewer, one of Burton Albion’s mascots, was attacked at Saturday’s League Two home game against fellow Staffordshire club Port Vale.  The person inside the mascot suffered a minor head injury, police said.

Burton lost the game 1-0.

BBC News – Mascot attacked at Burton Albion football match

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