Hazing Incident on Arizona State’s Club Lacrosse Team?

It must be that time of year: our second hazing story of the day. This time at ASU where a former member of the Sun Devils club lacrosse team (meaning it’s not sanctioned by the NCAA) is suing the state, the school and two lacrosse club members because he says he had to drop out of school after the incident. ASU is usually pretty good about these kinds of incidents, so let’s see how they respond to this one.
The Arizona State lacrosse club forced underclassmen to drink a 5-gallon water cooler full of beer and a 30-pack of canned beer within 30 minutes, under threat of being tossed out of the club, says a man who claims he was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning. He says he had to drop out of ASU after “thinly veiled threats” from club members when ASU investigated the hazing.
Greyson Pendry says he also was charged with underage drinking after the hazing.
In his complaint in Maricopa County Court, Pendry says he was told that all first-year members had to attend the club’s annual “Rookie Night” party, or they would be forced to quit.
At the party, Pendry says, he and other underclassmen were bound together with duct tape and upperclassmen drew “offensive phrases” such as “bitch tits” all over them. Pendry says he was forced to drink a liquid that tasted like liquor and hot sauce.
After drinking the 5 gallons and 30-pack of beer, Pendry says he was forced to strip to his underwear and put on an adult diaper. He and the other “rookies” were forced to play a drinking relay game to see which team could finish drinking a bottle of liquor first.

Courthouse News Service

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