Bengals Rey Maualuga Arreste for DUI, Had Two Young Girls in Car With Him Aged 17 & 18

What’s better than getting arrested for DUI? Getting arrested for drunk driving with two young girls in the car with you! Now, granted that the Cincinnati Bengals linebacker is only 23, having uh, friends who are only 17 & 18 is not THAT unusual. However, when you are an NFL star and had a little too much to drink (He had a .157% BAC. Double the legal limit, but not nearly enough to land him the Top 20 of the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings) things get a little more complicated. Anyone else wonder if the gals might have been drinking as well? Here are some details of the arrest:
Shortly after 2 a.m. Friday, he was booked into the Kenton County Detention Center after Covington police said Maualuga was driving under the influence.  Covington police spokesman Spike Jones said Maualuga was driving his 2003 Pontiac when he struck a parking meter and two parked cars in the 600 block of Scott Street, causing minor damage.

A police report said Maualuga had slurred speech and bloodshot, watery eyes, and the report showed. Maualuga had a blood-alcohol level of .157.  The legal limit in Kentucky is 0.08.

The report states that the linebacker told officers that he had six “Captain and Cokes,” referring to Captain Morgan rum and Coca Cola, prior to the crash.  Police said Maualuga, who was also charged with careless driving, was behind the wheel of an 18-year-old woman’s car at the time of the crash and wrecked into a car driven by a 17-year-old girl.

Cincinnati Bengal Rey Maualuga Arrested For DUI – Sports News Story – WLWT Cincinnati

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