TMZ: WWE’s Chris Jericho Arrested for Public Drunkeness in Kentucky: Bail Set at $120

As Dean Wormer would say, “Ripped, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” Pro wrestler Chris Jericho and his little buddy Greg “Hurricane” Helms should have headed that advice . . . especially while they were in Kentucky. That is, unless you have an extra (dun, dun, dun) $120 on you, boy? Oh, you do. No, we don’t have change for a $10,000 bill here at the jail.  Our friends at TMZ have the full story, such that it is.
WWE wrestler Chris Jericho was arrested at a gas station in Kentucky early Wednesday morning after cops say he and a fellow wrestler were both “extremely intoxicated” in public.  39-year-old Jericho was taken into custody in Kenton County around 5 AM for “alcohol intoxication in a public place.”  Jericho — who was arrested along with fellow wrestler Greg “Hurricane” Helms — was forced to smile for cop cam — and TMZ obtained the mug shots.  Jericho and Helms were released on $120 bond — each … no that’s not a typo.

WWE Star Chris Jericho Arrested in Kentucky |

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