High School Basketball Coach Offers Girl $100 to Disrobe During Makeup Exam

And then, when she refused, he doubled down and offered her another $100. Apparently the young lady didn’t need the money (or was waiting for a better offer) and immediately went to the cops to report math teacher/girls basketball coach Darin Duane Price, who used to work at Heritage High School in California. The cops then set up a sting where Price was sent a text message from the girl’s cell phone offering to meet him for sex at a set location. He allegedly showed up prepared with “alcohol, condoms and two $100 bills.”

A math teacher and girls basketball coach at Heritage High School in Brentwood pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges that he solicited a female student for sex.  Darin Duane Price, 38, of Brentwood, was charged Tuesday with two felonies — contacting a minor to commit a sexual offense and arranging a meeting with a minor to commit a sexual offense — and one misdemeanor count of annoying or molesting a child.

Prosecutor Jon Yamaguchi said the student was taking a makeup exam on Jan. 21 when Price placed a $100 bill on a desk and asked her to disrobe in exchange for the money. When she refused, he laid down a second $100 bill.

When the incident was reported to police the next day, investigators sent Price a text message from the victim’s cell phone and arranged a meeting for sex, Yamaguchi said. He said Price arrived at the meeting location in Brentwood with alcohol, condoms and two $100 bills.  On Tuesday, the Heritage High varsity girls basketball team played at Pittsburg High, its first game without Price.

Brentwood teacher charged with soliciting student for sex – San Jose Mercury News

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