Gym Teacher at "Horndog High" Arrested for Feeling Up 14-Year-Old Girl

Some of you will recall the story over at The Dumbass Daily about the two female teachers caught having sex during a school assembly by the janitor? Well, apparently the gym teacher at the very same school (James Madison High in NY), Lisa Guttilla couldn’t find another female teacher to have sex with, so–allegedly–she turned to a student at another school where she is a volleyball coach, a 14-year-old girl. How did the pair get caught? Wait for it: the victim’s mother spotted a suspicious hickey on the girl’s neck and immediately called the Heavy Petting Police, who took DNA samples and finger prints (we’re assuming) and fingered Ms. Guttilla.

The best part of the story is the folks at the NY Daily News are now referring to James Madison High School, where all this lesbian sex is going on, as Horndog High. For some reason, that name doesn’t sound quite right, but we are not sure why. Your comments below might us figure it out.

It seems like sex ed is the only thing on the curriculum at Brooklyn’s Horndog High.  New shenanigans have come to light at James Madison High School, where two teachers were recently caught naked in a classroom and another was punished for getting too close to a student. 
The latest scandal involves Madison High gym teacher Lisa Guttilla, 37, who was arrested Friday for feeling up a 14-year-old girl, police sources said.  The student attended private Poly Prep Country Day School, where Guttilla was a part-time volleyball coach.

The abuse came to light when the teen’s mother started asking questions about a hickey on her neck – and she confessed to sexy sessions with Guttilla between Jan. 4 and 9.  A complaint filed in Brooklyn Criminal Court says the teacher did “touch, grab, squeeze and kiss the [girl] about the breast and buttock.”

Another ‘Horndog High’ sex charge: Teacher Lisa Guttilla arrested for feeling up 14-year-old girl

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