Tiger Woods Latest Mistress: A Canadian in the US Illegally and . . . OLD!

Okay, in some pictures she looks like an older version of Wood’s wife Elin, but that’s probably good enough to get you a one night stand with the PGA star, but a mistress gig and $500,000 in hush money. (And that’s in US dollars, which is probably worth like a million Canadian, eh?) For goodness sakes this lady has a kid that’s 25! Let’s hope Tiger was dating her as well or we might have to get them all on Jerry Springer.
Tiger Woods may have some explaining to do with U.S. Immigration officials regarding Emma Rotherham — described by the tabloids as mistress number 19.  Sources told the Vancouver Province that Rotherham, 42, who was raised in Montreal, may be in the United States illegally because she was deported a few years ago.  She has a Canadian and British passport and grew up in Montreal, her relatives told the Province.  Rotherham’s 25-year-old daughter now lives in Montreal and works as a make-up artist after graduating from the Vancouver Film School.

Her other daughter said to be around sixteen, lives with her mother in Celebration, near Tiger’s gated community in Orlando, Fla.

Mystery surrounds Tiger Woods’ Canadian mistress

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