Female Gym/French Teacher, 40, Accused of Sex With Boy, 15 – Mary Gowans

Oh Canada! How often in the USA do you see the combination phys ed and French teacher? And how about one as good looking at Mary Gowans? Not very often we would wager. The charges against her are serious, especially for a married woman with two kids.
“She” is Mrs. Mary Gowans, 40, a popular French and gym teacher at Joseph Howe Senior Public School in Rouge Hill. At least she was until Monday, when coppers showed up at her nearby home, which she shares with her husband and two young kids.

They allege Mrs. Gowans had an “inappropriate relationship” with a former student, 15, beginning in June 2009.  He left Joseph Howe two years ago and is now in Grade 10.  His mom tells me he continues to go to class — “our intent was not to share this with the world, but to do what we felt was right.”

The teacher and the schoolboy | Mike Strobel | Columnists | News | Toronto Sun

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