Girl’s HS Hockey Coach Arrested for Solicitation

And it that weren’t bad enough, the same school White Bear Lake HS, had a coach involved in a hazing incident just last week where two new members of the boys hockey team were forced to run outside barefoot wearing only their underwear. Big deal, you say? Keep in mind this is Minnesota in January and last week was the peak of that Arctic blast. Two of the boys had to be treated for frostbite.
For the second time in a week, White Bear Lake High School is dealing with trouble involving their hockey program. The latest problem involves a girls’ hockey assistant coach.  Brad Sperling was arrested Jan. 12 for solicitation.  According to St. Paul Police Sgt. Paul Schnell, Sperling responded to a prostitution-related advertisement placed by under-cover officers.  Sperling is accused of making arrangements to pay money for sexual services. – WBL Girls’ Hockey Asst. Coach Arrested

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